CreaGen offers range of discovery services to our partners that allow them to achieve breakthroughs in their R&D programs.

Our scientists have significant expertise in all phases of medicinal chemistry, from intelligent molecule design to development of late stage optimal molecular entities (OMEs) and preclinical candidates. Our experience ranges from idea generation and route scouting to synthetic route development and library synthesis. Whether the challenge requires re-synthesis of a competitor compound or a late stage lead optimization, we have the best experience and resources to meet or exceed customer expectations.

Our discovery research services include:

Cost-effective Medicinal Chemistry: Exploratory chemistry, hit validation and evaluation, lead generation, lead optimization, structure-based drug design (SBDD), focused libraries.
Synthetic Chemistry: Parallel synthesis (solution and solid phase), building-blocks/scaffold synthesis, sample scale-up, intermediates and specialty chemicals, competitor sample preparation, heterocyclic chemistry, substituted boronic acids, solid phase peptide synthesis (up to gram scale), nucleotide synthesis.
Analytical Chemistry: NMR spectroscopy, 1H, 13C, 19F, and 31P NMR spectroscopy; mass spectroscopy; HPLC analysis (MS, MSMS, ELSD, UV); chiral HPLC analysis/separations.

Our business model is flexible, and can be tailored to customer needs. We work either on a strict fee-for-service basis, or as part of a broader discovery collaboration to provide cost-effective services on an FTE basis. Our clients range from virtual and start-up companies to mid-size companies to multinational pharmaceutical companies. Since 2003, CreaGen has established a track record of excellence with satisfied customers ranging from multinational pharmaceutical companies to early-stage biotechnology start-up companies. CreaGen is poised for growth and we welcome the opportunity to help your organization to accomplish its most challenging research objectives.

  Industrial post-doctoral and research scientist Positions in Drug Discovery

Industrial postdoctoral and researcher scientist positions are available in our medicinal chemistry division.

The project will involve design and optimization of flexible synthetic strategies for preparation of small molecules for oncology research.

The applicants must have:

  • PhD in Organic/medicinal chemistry
  • 1-2 year's prior postdoctoral experience
  • a competitive publication record
  • strong knowledge in modern synthetic organic/medicinal chemistry and analytical chemistry.

Previous experience working with parallel library synthesis, DNA encoded libraries and antibody-drug-conjugate (ADC) is desirable.

Entry level postdoctoral researchers will be considered and those with advanced postdoctoral training could be eligible for a Research scientist position.

Send resume and contact information with references to:

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