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Venugopal Neelagiri, PhD
Associate Director
Dr. Neelagiri received his PhD degree from the Indian Institute of Chemical Technology in Hyderabad, India. He then had two postdoctoral appointments, the first at the University of Ottawa, which was then followed by 5 years of experience with Pharmacopeia and PharmEco (now Johnson Matthey). In his industrial and academic projects he has gained experience with natural product total synthesis, asymmetric synthesis and several classes of heterocyclic molecules. Dr. Neelagiri has authored 14 technical publications.
Kimberly Vines, PhD
Dr. Vines earned her PhD degree from the University of Alabama at Birmingham (Birmingham, Alabama) under the direction of Dr. Wayne Brouillette in the area of RXR-selective retinoids for breast cancer chemoprevention. Her postdoctoral research was at the University of Mississippi (Oxford, MS) mentored by Dr. Mitchell Avery in the area of anti-malarial research and the total syntheses of natural products. Dr. Vines has 4 years industrial experience including high-throughput synthesis at ArQule generating compound libraries for multinational pharmaceutical company partners. At Infinity Pharmaceuticals she contributed to the synthesis of scaffolds for their drug discovery platform and while at GPC-Biotech, she worked as a medicinal chemist in the area of Oncology. She is the author of 15 technical publications.
Paresh D. Salgaonkar, PhD
Dr. Salgaonkar received his PhD degree from the University Department of Chemical Technology (UDCT), Mumbai, India. He then had two postdoctoral appointments, first at the University of Connecticut with Prof. Bailey where he specialized in organometallic chemistry, followed by Northeastern University with Prof. Makriyannis in the field of Cannabinoids. He has experience in the field of small-molecule heterocyclic synthesis and novel method developments. Dr. Salgaonkar has authored 8 technical publications and holds two Indian patents.
Dr. Sethumadhavan, PhD
Dr. Sethumadhavan received his PhD degree from National institute of interdisciplinary science and Technology, Trivandrum, India. Subsequently he had post doctoral appointments at Radboud University (with Prof. Binne Zwanenburg), University of Hawaii at Manoa (with Prof. Marcus Tius) and at Northeastern University (with Prof. Alex Makriyannis). He has wide ranging experience in the fields of medicinal chemistry, organic synthesis and agricultural chemistry. Dr. Sethumadhavan has authored 14 technical publications..
  Industrial post-doctoral and research scientist Positions in Drug Discovery

Industrial postdoctoral and researcher scientist positions are available in our medicinal chemistry division.

The project will involve design and optimization of flexible synthetic strategies for preparation of small molecules for oncology research.

The applicants must have:

  • PhD in Organic/medicinal chemistry
  • 1-2 year's prior postdoctoral experience
  • a competitive publication record
  • strong knowledge in modern synthetic organic/medicinal chemistry and analytical chemistry.

Previous experience working with parallel library synthesis, DNA encoded libraries and antibody-drug-conjugate (ADC) is desirable.

Entry level postdoctoral researchers will be considered and those with advanced postdoctoral training could be eligible for a Research scientist position.

Send resume and contact information with references to: anny@creagenbio.com.

Also visit: http://www.creagenbio.com

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