Optimized Molecular Entities™ (OMEs™)

Optimized molecular entities are target-relevant small molecules whose drug-like properties have been optimized for preclinical screening. These OMEs have been derived from cores from our BDC collections. We apply our in-depth knowledge to design and synthesize these molecules. We believe that OMEs have a greater likelihood of success to become development candidates. Currently, we have a 100-membered library that is available for immediate pilot screening. CreaGen continues to produce new libraries and make them available for partners screening.


• Rapid design and synthesis of OME libraries for Lead Discovery and Optimization
• Cycle times of 3-4 weeks from design to delivery
• All compounds purified by reverse phase HPLC
• All compounds quantified and characterized by LCMS (UV214, UV254) and NMR spectroscopy


• 10,000 OME library compounds annually
• Typical quantities of 5-10 mg
• Supplied in DMSO solution (96-well plates) or in powder form

Please contact our R & D Coordinator for more information.
  Industrial post-doctoral and research scientist Positions in Drug Discovery

Industrial postdoctoral and researcher scientist positions are available in our medicinal chemistry division.

The project will involve design and optimization of flexible synthetic strategies for preparation of small molecules for oncology research.

The applicants must have:

  • PhD in Organic/medicinal chemistry
  • 1-2 year's prior postdoctoral experience
  • a competitive publication record
  • strong knowledge in modern synthetic organic/medicinal chemistry and analytical chemistry.

Previous experience working with parallel library synthesis, DNA encoded libraries and antibody-drug-conjugate (ADC) is desirable.

Entry level postdoctoral researchers will be considered and those with advanced postdoctoral training could be eligible for a Research scientist position.

Send resume and contact information with references to:

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